Friday, September 26, 2014

Incentives and Aesthetic Experiences

        Incentives govern human behavior in a myriad of ways. Some incentives are able to increase the productivity of the worker. Some of these incentives include purpose motivations and some money motivations. However, some of these motivations that involve money can cause diminished results in the workplace.If there is a large monetary value at stake, more people will be motivated to try to receive that prize. If the money at stake is too small, there will not be enough motivation to get the prize since it will not affect the workers' lives a lot. The incentive that can cause the greatest impact is a purpose motive. A purpose gives people a chance to succeed in something that they desire to excel in. It also gives these people a chance to contribute to a great cause (i.e. a new product) that can make people feel proud and accomplished that they did something great.
      I have an aesthetic experience every time I play golf. An aesthetic experience is when all of one's senses is at a peak. When I step on the first tee for a golf match, all of my senses are being used to the best of my ability. As I stare at the golf ball on the tee, I can see every dimple on the ball since I am completely focused on the ball. During my swing, I am able to listen to every obscene noise that is coming from the golf course, whether that is a random person talking from another hole or the sound of a cricket nearby; I can hear almost anything. When I am swinging the club, I can feel every little nuance on the grip attached to the club, and I can feel every fabric on the glove that is on my right hand. My senses are used in every which way as I swing the club, ready to begin my round.

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